Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore

Singapore is a small city, where can I propose to the love of my life to make it a memorable experience? How do I make sure the location I’m choosing is somewhere that she’d like to be proposed to? Did we read your mind? You’re not alone! This is actually the most frequent question that our clients had.

Don’t fret! Finding the right setting is not as hard as it seems to be and we are here to shed some light to this. Here are the 3 best ways we advise our clients to go about getting information to partner’s dream proposal setting:

  1. The Best Friend

They ain’t lying when they say a girl’s best friend knows everything about her (and *ahem*, you)

One of the best way to understand how she wants to be proposed to is to ask her best friend for information. We are pretty certain that they will most likely have discussed this topic during one of their girls’ night out! Sometimes, you might have to bribe her bestie to keep this a secret for you. Perhaps a Starbucks drink is good.

2. The Friend’s Proposal

We’ve reached the age where it seems like everyone on your social media is getting proposed to. Instead of being stressed over this, use that to your advantage!

Show her a post of the most recent proposal you saw and comment about it casually to see if she likes the concept. Trust me, if she doesn’t like it, she will have opinions about it.

Have more time? Show her a few more proposals from time to time so it seems like it’s a random conversation. You can “pretend” to chance upon the post when you’re chilling at a bar with her. Make it as casual and subtle as possible.

3. Her Favourites

I’m sure you understand your partner better than anyone else. Maybe even better than her best friend(s) and family members. Surprise! You already have all the information in your hands and all you need to do, is to dissect it.

With just these 3 personality information, you can more or less determine the kind of setting that she likes:

  • Top 3 favourite travel destinations
  • Top 3 restaurants she likes to dine at
  • Top 3 favourite colours

So now you have the information, what can you do with it? Find a common theme / vibe to her favourites! For example, if she’s someone who likes to dine at restaurants such as SKAI or Bread Street Kitchen, she would most likely appreciate a city or skyline proposal theme.

If her favourite travel destinations are places like Bali, Boracay or Phuket, there you go! Somewhere with a sea or beach view is where she loves to be at.

And her favourite colours too! If she love neutral colours (eg. White, Green, Brown), she is most likely a nature’s person.

Now you have these information, you can start to shortlist a few places that you can propose for FREE in Singapore! It is important to note that some of these public places requires a permit so it’s best to do your research and seek permission from the venue before booking any styling vendor to help you with your proposal decorations, else it will be a big headache on the event day itself.

Beach Vibes:

  • East Coast Park
  • Sentosa

City Vibes:

  • Marina Bay Sands Floating Platform
  • Mount Faber Park
  • Esplanade Rooftop

Nature Vibes:

  • Botanic Garden – Swan Lake
  • Canterbury Road
  • Corney Island
  • Lower Peirce Reservoir

Congratulations! You’ve decoded the mystery of your girlfriend’s dream proposal. It’s not that hard, are we right?


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Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore

Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore



Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore


Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore


Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore

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Understanding Her Dream Proposal in Singapore